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Research and Write: 10 Steps to Writing an Amazing Research Report You Can Be Proud Of

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10 steps to writing an amazing research report your students will feel proud of

This resource includes steps to guide students through researching up to 5 questions associated with a main idea. The framework included with this resource will help your students write an intro paragraph, 5 supporting paragraphs, and a closing paragraph. You can customize this guide to include more or less paragraphs to suit the needs of your specific assignments.

This resource can be used to support individual students or group work and can be used with any book, digital resource, or nonfiction text. Use this resource to help writers do the following:

  • ask questions in order to develop the main idea
  • identify facts to support the answers to their questions
  • identify sources of information
  • write topic sentences
  • compose paragraphs
  • write closing sentences
  • write an introductory paragraph
  • write a closing paragraph
  • use their own words while writing
  • quickly edit and revise

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